YEAH BUT PART 4 “Yeah, but what if I am just not good enough? I make a lot of mistakes and will never be perfect enough for God.” Jesus isn’t interested in the people who don’t need Him. He is interested in those of us who do not have all the answers; those of us who make mistakes; those of us who get upset when things don’t go the way we think they should; those of us who are wandering, confused and lost–those of us who really need Him. He has said that the person who is well does not need a physician. luke 5:31 King James Bible And Jesus answering said unto them, They that are whole need not a physician; but they that are sick. The fact is, we *all* need Jesus! There is no one else who is perfect like Him. There is no one else who has all the answers to our many questions as He has. “yeah but what if I have questions and ask you or someone else something and you don’t have an answer, then should I also not ask Jesus?” It is a fact that I would not have answers to all of your questions, however, Jesus does have all the answers. There is much that I do not know. However, I am certainly willing to go to Him for answers and you could do the same. When someone around you does not have answers, that does not mean there are no answers. We also may not receive answers from God in our time so, for instance, it might not be a good idea to ask Him for answers to test questions as we are taking an exam. I am typing this blog entry at work, between calls. Just as I was writing this particular item, I received a call from someone who was quite irate because we did not have the information he wanted. I explained that we only have phone numbers. I further explained that I could give him the phone number to the entity he wanted and they could give him the information he needed. He did not like that. He said “well, what good are you if you don’t have information? Just having phone numbers isn’t good enough …” Luckily, I could share that instance with my coworkers and we could laugh about it. I reminded myself that this was that guy’s opinion, not that of Jesus and not to feel bad about it. I also felt great relief and thanked God that that particular call had ended. Not only does He answer on His time, but in His way. I remember one time when I was young, when our girls’ group was about to go on stage during a talent contest. My best friend said she had prayed to God that we would win. That seemed selfish to me. I asked her, “what if the ones we are competing with all ask God to let them win? Then what would He do?” We were stymied. We asked the adult in charge of us and she stated that everything happens according to God’s plan and it would be His will whoever would win. We did happen to win that night, so we thanked Him for it. However, when we didn’t win, on other occasions, we wondered if it was God’s will that we didn’t win so someone else could. When we have questions, it is evident that there is an answer–of some kind. All we need to do is ask, in Jesus’ name, And He will answer

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