YEAH BUT PART 3 “Yeah, but what if I am angry and yell at God or I am upset and crying so hard the words won’t even come out?” Actually, Jesus is tough enough to handle our anger. He is also compassionate enough to feel our upset or sorrow. He knows our wants and needs before we do. He is always willing to listen. And he *will* answer, even when we are angry or feeling unconsoled. “Yeah, but what if I have a lot of things going on all at the same time and I feel way too overwhelmed?” This is the time to give the concerns over to Jesus, one thing at a time. He will not become overwhelmed so He can handle a multitude of questions thrown at Him all at once. “Yeah, but how do you know He would care about my concerns? He’s way off, far away somewhere, so what would it matter to Him? How would He know all the answers to my issues? How could He really do something about some of the stuff that’s going on, like, is He strong enough to do that?” Jesus is not far away, off somewhere. He is everywhere present (omnipresent). He is all-knowing (omniscient) and He is all powerful (omnipotent). He would not create us and then leave us to flounder alone. Even when it seems as if things are in a terrible mess, He is working everything out for the good of all and to His glory. “Yeah but what good is it for us to suffer? Why doesn’t He heal everyone from every disease, injury, and accident?” When we suffer, going through it and coming out of it glorifies God. Just as when Jesus was crucified, it was all to the glory of God. “Yeah, but what if I love Jesus dearly but my connection to Him is not all that good and I receive few answers from Him?”The only thing I can think of at this point is to pray and pray some more. Be patient with Him, as He is with us, and He will come through.

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