YEAH BUT CONTINUED “Yeah but what if He doesn’t have time for my questions and concerns? What if He is too busy with other peoples’ questions?” God is unlimited. He has all the time in the world. He has more time than we do. There is nothing He would not have time to hear from us. Because He is unlimited, and has infinite time, and is available to each of us equally, there really is no way that He would be too busy for us. “Yeah, but what if He’s tired of hearing the same questions over and over throughout the years?” God is patient; He will not mind hearing repeated questions from us. Each person is a unique individual, which He recognizes, and if the same issues come up for many of us, that is okay. “Yeah, but what if I am reluctant to give up my worldly ways, worldly friends, in order to follow Him?” When we make a vow or commitment to His request that we follow Him, we need to learn to obey Him and gladly submit to His will. I am still working on this issue, along with other issues. As long as we work toward putting Him first in our lives and doing what He has asked us to do, even when we are not doing a perfect job of it, He is well pleased with us. My writing this blog is something Jesus asked me to do when I said I didn’t think I could get up in front of people, with tons of enthusiasm and power, to bring people to Him. At first I put up all kinds of resistance:I don’t know enough. I don’t know how to say it right. I can’t write every day at a certain time; I’m not a scheduled person. Although my motives are good, there are so many other people out there who could do way better than me. Why me, Jesus? And on and on. My biggy:what if no one finds me or follows me? He said that my writing would help me and glorify Him, even if no one ever finds me on the Internet. He told me not to worry; that as long as I am connected with Him, I will be able to bring others to Him, or help them be fertile for His rescuing them, as He rescued me.

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