Who you are I apologize if I am just writing in a way that seems as if I am writing to thin air. I have no idea who is reading this blog so it is somewhat difficult for me to make it more personal. My intention is to help people who are lost; who might be looking for God, or who are led to this blog by God. I know that when people are in crisis, they may say “oh God!” but not mean it in a reverent or sincere way. You may be too upset and anxious to remember to ask Jesus for help. You might be getting all kinds of “answers” from your friends or family that may or may not be helpful. Although I am not an expert–I am learning as I go), I still want to help you. If I waited until I was an expert before I even tried to help you, I would never be able to help you. I can only come from where I was to where I am now and hope that something in there helps you. As I have said previously, this blog is really not about me; it is about you. Actually it is about Jesus and you and I are along for the ride.

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