Where was I? I was born totally blind. This freaked out my parents. I was prone to ear infections and tonsillitis. Even now when I get a cold I always have complications. I have always been unable to push myself as hard as I might want to; the stamina just isn’t there. But none of that has stopped me. I am a shy person. I couldn’t give speeches in class unless I read them or memorized them. My teachers insisted that I would need to learn to be up in front of people because I had a lot to say. Luckily for me, I have written since I was ten years old. I write better than I speak. That is why I am doing this blog rather than getting up in front of people. Jesus wants me to tell as many people as possible about Him; about what He has done for me; about what He can do for you, and what He has done for others. I want to glorify Jesus by helping you come to Him and be saved, or help you be receptive to His coming to you, as He did to me. I was not very obedient to the adults in charge of me. I questioned them incessantly and only obeyed them when *I* was convinced that it made sense. I had a different boyfriend every year in high school. I finally married and stayed with the one guy almost 18 years. But he had anger issues and we divorced. This was so hard on all three of us, our daughter especially was displaced. They blamed me for the divorce. I was a single parent for five years. I said I would never marry again. My minister at the time said “never say never.” I met a guy in church choir. We were married for ten years. He had major health issues and was often hospitalized. He was an intelligent, kind-hearted, quiet, calm person. I became a different person by those years with him. He passed on 7-1/2 years ago. I joined a widows’ group where we supported each other and also did fun things together. There is life after a loved one’s death. I am more patient than I used to be because so many things that many people treat as life-and-death are not so. I have held several jobs in my lifetime. One personnel manager gave me an ultimatim to leave or be fired. This had never happened to me before or since. I missed too many workdays, including veterinary appointments for my cats. She said cats were not worth my missing work. I disagreed and walked out. My cats are family! I tell you this because there is life after chronic illness. There is life after bucking the system. There is life after divorce. There is life after single parenthood. There is life after walking off a job. There is life after the death of a spouse or other loved one. However, if you are in a place where you cannot believe this, I send you prayers for help. I remind you to Ask Jesus, in His name, for whatever help you need.

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