Some people consider that only those who have graduated with degrees can be teachers. I submit that as we are all students, we are all teachers also.

One day when my daughter was quite young, I was correcting her on some point. She suddenly snapped:”You’re not my teacher!” I informed her that indeed I was her teacher; perhaps her very first teacher. I further told her that it was my job to listen to her and it was her job to listen to me. On some occasions, she did.

Though it is okay for me to listen to what some sighted people have to say about my blindness, it also behooves them to realize that I am also their teacher. They might learn something of great value from me. Those who assume I cannot do a thing may want to rethink that point and to listen to my sharing how I, indeed, do accomplish that thing.

Jesus does not require that I be sighted to live my life and to educate others as to my capabilities and alternative ways to do everyday tasks. Jesus knows that, in fact, I might have a perspective on something unknown to many of the sighted. He would encourage you to ask when you do not know; never to assume. He knows that each of us is not only a student, but also a teacher. Let us learn from one another. Let us ask, and learn from Jesus, our greatest teacher. In Jesus’ name.

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