VENDING MACHINE The other day I heard a comment that God is not just a vending machine–we put in for what we want and get it and that’s it. We need to consider what it is we are asking and respect the One from whom we ask it. We honor our Creator, thanking Him before we ever receive that of our asking. The process is not a one-way street–we ask; we are given. No, He asks of us, too, and we give back to Him. We praise Him; we thank Him; we love Him; we obey Him–yikes, did I say that one? We do what pleases Him. What is pleasing to Him? It is there in His Word. Check out the Psalms. I encourage you to go to , type in your keywords and find what He has to say. I was raised in mainline Christianity. I attended Sunday School. I memorized a few Bible verses–don’t ask me to recite them now. I sang in church choirs for years and many of the lyrics were taken from the Bible. So I thought I knew what was in there; I assumed I was familiar with His Word. Not so! In this last year I have discovered more helpful messages in the Bible than I ever thought possible. Being much older, I have a better understanding of what I am reading than I did back when I was quite young. I have several copies of the Bible. My braille edition is in twenty volumes so it is not exactly portable. However, I have a small audio Bible which I can easily carry with me. I also have the Bible on my braille notetaker which pushes up pins in the configuration of braille, called “refreshable braille.” I further have access to the Bible online. If you read print, you can get the Bible in regular-sized print or in large print. You can get just the Bible or one with explanatory text to help you understand what you are reading. You can, of course, attend church where you will hear God’s Word. If you ask “the Vending Machine” what to read,” He will lead you to His Word. You will also discover that there is not a set number of spaces holding the same items for anyone who comes to use the Machine. That is because God is not a vending machine. He individualizes what He gives, according to what we ask for, and He receives from us whatever unique gifts we give Him. Most vending machines have items in them which are really not good for us. God’s offerings are always good for us. He is not a vending machine anymore than we are.

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