(written June, 2016)It appears that I have taken an unplanned hiatus from this blog. I am guilty of letting some worldly things get in the way. Examples include:the business of WordPress and my still working on figuring it out; quite suddenly retiring from my employment as a phone operator; my rather sudden decision to move from California to Oregon; my left leg being involved in numerous infections and remaining unhealed since June with ER trips and hospitalizations related to that; the discovery that I had cardiac a-flutter, which is not the same as a-fib and surgery to correct this problem; much tiredness and the need to sleep more since the surgery (I got very, very little sleep for a long time while my heart was beating too fast and to hard); the birth of my grandson and visiting him and his parents; switching to a new church which I love; choosing to live in a retirement center where neither my bad credit nor my having three cats kept me out; (Jesus orchestrated this I am certain); my attendance at what we called Camp meeting in California, which is Family Conference here; etc. I am sorry if these items seem like excuses; they were not intended to be so. I intend to get back to our digital evangelism as soon as possible and with a new, more accessible program with the help of a company in the UK. I just wanted you to know I have not fallen off of the face of the earth nor gone to heaven yet. I almost did a couple weeks ago. I woke up in the middle of the night shaking and shivering uncontrolably. I had no idea what set that off. When my home health nurse visited me to rewrap my leg, she didn’t like the looks of it. My leg was quite hot, it was bright red up to below my knee, and the wounds were very angry. She suggested that I see my doctor who was out of town, so she then suggested urgent care. At urgent care, it was discovered that I had a fever and my pulse was 144. They wanted to have me admitted to the hospital immediately. I asked if I could go home to get some of my things and I was told “You don’t have time.” I had cellulitis that was possibly going toward sepsis. If it spread to the rest of my body it was time for me to go to Heaven. I was in intensive care for two days and on the heart unit for three days. With the help of Jesus and the skilled medical staff, I was almost okay. The wounds were still there, but no longer infected. Yikes! that was a close call. I’ve also learned that I have stage III kidney disease, probably mostly from taking lasix to take off excess fluid and bring down the swelling in my feet and legs. Some would say “you’re a mess!” Jesus considers me to be more like a work of art. His work of art. My love for Jesus has been unwavering and my desire to help others become closer to Him is as strong as ever. Now if we can just get this physical body to cooperate, that would be great. All in good time. All in God’s time.
(written October, 2017) I took a hiatus all right. I had hoped to learn more of WP, however, this did not happen. I will post anyway and hope things come out okay. I stayed in Eugene for 8 months. I left for a number of reasons, moving back to California. I’ve been here six months and things have not worked out as hoped, so I am back to Eugene in November. I will make several posts to catch up, some of which may be repeats of older posts. In Jesus’ name amen!

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