Most of the time, when we receive answers/solutions/gifts/good news from Jesus, no one else is affected in a negative way. In fact, often when we receive from Jesus, others do, too, in a positive way. An example is our baptism in Jesus’ name:we benefit, the pastor who performs the baptism is positively affected, as are those who are present to observe and rejoice in the event. When a pastor presents an uplifting sermon, he/she benefits, as well as the congregation who hears it. When we pray for healing or for other life circumstances to improve, these can happen without being at the expense of others. When we talk to Jesus, He has infinite time and infinite ability to help all of us, so He isn’t kept from doing something else while He is helping us.

However, there are often two sides to receiving help from Jesus. Sometimes, in order for us to get the help from Him, someone else sacrifices something. Sometimes we sacrifice something in order that someone else is served by Jesus. It can go both ways.
When someone receives food, someone else labors to prepare it. When someone, like me, needs a ride, someone else takes out the time in their schedule and gas money (although I help with that) to provide it. When we need to talk to someone of the human type, that other person takes time and effort to help. Conversely, we, as parents, sacrifice much over time, in order that our children have what they need while growing up. If we have pets, we take the time to feed them, play with them, talk to them, and in the case of cats, clean out their litter box, and in the case of dogs, take them out at all hours for them to do their thing.

My friend, Rick, just received a new kidney. This is something we have been praying for the last four-and-a-half years! So we are rejoicing with him! However, in order for him to receive the kidney, there was a live donor who lost their life, and, in this case, it was a five-year-old whose kidney Rick now has. If you are wanting an excuse to pray, now is the time. Please pray, in celebration, for Rick’s receiving such a precious gift. However, please also pray for the parents of the child whose life was lost.

Of course the greatest gift we can receive–salvation–came at a price, because Jesus gave His physical life to save us from our sins. This is the ultimate sacrifice. This, of course, is negative and positive. He died, but we live eternally, as He now does. He “donated” His whole life to give us our whole life in Heaven. So let us rejoice!!!

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