THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS A FREE LUNCH As the proverbial saying goes, we do well to understand that when we ask a lot from God, it is only fair that we also heed what he asks of us. I am currently in the stage of figuring out what he wants me to do and actually doing it. it is nice to daydream and plan, however, we need to actually *do* something to glorify Jesus. What He asks of us might seem weird or scary, however, He will help us with whatever it is. In my case, I hit walls of resistance quite easily because many people think that if one is totally blind, he/she is helpless. I am sure there are some helpless blind people around somewhere to bear that thinking out, however, I am not one of them. i hope and pray that whatever my calling is, at this rather late stage of life, that Jesus will help me find the right people who will allow me to do whatever it is. I started this blog for several reasons, primarily to help people who need to find Jesus. however, I also started writing it because I could. no one discouraged me from doing it. I have the full support of the Holy Ghost, and no nay-sayer humans to hold me back.

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