This morning I was at breakfast, half awake. I was sitting there grateful that I had a meal coming and that I could sit with my table mates another time.

But I was tired. I kept telling Jesus how tired I was, like He didn’t already know.
I did not feel up to this day. I figured I’d go have a cat nap after breakfast.

Suddenly an older woman approached me and asked “Would you like a balloon?” I thought “what?” in surprise. I decided that would be fun but I was too tired for a balloon. I asked her if I could see it and she handed me the yellow balloon with most of its air gone out. I told her I would take it because it felt like a tired balloon–tired like me.

The lady laughed. Then she said “I have wanted to give you something but didn’t have anything to give you. When I saw the abandoned birthday balloon on the floor I thought a happy person ought to have it and I thought of you.”

I thanked her and explained that the reason I was happy was because of Jesus. I asked her if she knew Him. She said “I don’t think I kknow Jesus very well, but I can understand that you do. You make people think twice about things. You get around here by yourself when you can’t see, and some of us can’t do that when we can see. You laugh about things that some of us get angry about, or even cry about. That is why I wanted to give you this balloon. I knew you wouldn’t think it was leftover garbage, that you would find something about it that you would like, and you did. The balloon does look tired and so do you, but after breakfast you can rest with a happy yellow ballloon in your home.” And I will go read my Bible to get more of what you have. That Jesus feller is good fer us isn’t He?” And then she was gone.

Back in my apartment, I was not sure what I would do with the balloon. Balloons and cats are not a good mix. I could hang it up high somewhere but Toby probably would find it. I could pass it on to someone else but probably no one else would want the rather dilapidated balloon. So I hung it on my shower head. When I take my shower later today or tomorrow, I can enjoy its sunny presence there with a smile and a laugh, because I enjoy the Presence of Jesus in my home and everywhere else.

If that yellow balloon brings that woman closer to Jesus then that is the best happening of the day. My ordinary tired morning with a sudden burst of yellow probably made that woman’s day in a way she will never forget. Neither will I. Thank You, Jesus, for the tired, yellow balloon. Its sunny spot on a stormy morning reminding me of Your Presence, made my day. I am so glad I accepted that balloon today. In a way, I accepted more of You. Thank You, Jesus!

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