THE WRATH OF GOD Jesus has been gentle, quiet and kind to me since I was Born Again a year-and-a-half ago. However, I now know that the wrath of God is in Him, after reading some examples of this in the Bible. I just hope I don’t ever have to experience it. Just like my cats are soft, warm and purr every day, I know that they could rip me to shreds with their claws and teeth if they wanted to. I doubt that they will ever want to do that or actually injure me in such a way. I trust my cats because I love them and I know they love me. I also trust Jesus because I love Him; however, this has been a stumbling block for me due to childhood issues. My mom sometimes communicated with me kindly, but often she would strike out at me angrily sometimes without warning. I never knew when she would become angry–very angry. I had difficulty trusting her. I have had difficulty totally trusting Jesus, not understanding that He does not have that kind of anger issue. When He becomes angry, it is always with good reason. So I hope I never anger Him, but I might. I know it is highly probable that someone reading this post will have known dysfunctional communication or physical abuse from family members, friends or the general public. They, like me, might not realize that Jesus is not dysfunctional. He will not psychologically or physically abuse us. We can talk to Him about things that we would feel uneasy talking about to errant human beings, many of whom carry psychological and/or physical baggage with them. I pray for peace, kindness, love, hope and rest. Let us rejoice with Him in His boundless, eternal love! In Jesus’ name!

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