THE WORD IS OUT IN MY CHURCH:(written in the summer of 2016) This evening we had a prayer service at the “new” building we are hoping and praying to purchase as ours. It was my first time there. Some of the layout and the size reminded me of Promise Land Worship Center, my recent-former church. I had mixed feelings. I felt homesickness for the church of my baptism in Jesus’ name, on one hand, and hope and excitement that this building could become our new church; that the 50-60 of us could multiply to fill this place. At one point our pastor asked those who knew what God wanted them to do to raise their hands. Mine went up. What??? Then the same for those who were not certain. Mine did not go up then. He had the uncertain people come up to the front and those of us who claimed to know what Jesus wants us to do prayed with them. I am still quite awkward about praying with people. I do not see who is where and I do not know most of these people by voice yet. I also do not seem to know what to say and it is like I mostly mutter stuff over and over. Then he had us more certain folks come to the front; however, I stayed behind because I am not able to stand very long at all right now. Pastor came back to me to ask me about my direction. I explained that Jesus had told me I am an encourager, through music, writing (including my digital evangelism blog), and helping people not give up; to rejuvenate their resolve; to give people a boost; something like that. He was all excited about this. He said we need encouragers in the world; that, in fact, we need one in our church. So hopefully he will help me find my place here in my new church. Several people prayed with me and I almost cried for being asked what my ministry is (instead of assuming I have none since I cannot physically see), and just the relief of it coming out to other people. They will be able to help me and I will be able to help them. How exciting! And it happened in our new church! (written Oct., 2017:Although I am at times feeling discouraged, yet I continue to be an encourager to others. When they express sadness, I try to cheer them up. When they do not seem to have an answer to a problem, I remind them that Jesus does and that He will let them know in His time. When people regard me as incapable, I try to encourage them to regard me more highly, and that this is their opportunity to learn something new and to rethink blindness or plus-sizedness. Sometimes I will send them an uplifting song to hear. Sometimes I send them a special email. Sometimes I refer to them a Bible verse. I ask Jesus, of course, what he wants me to do. I may not always remember to do the asking, however, whenever I do, I know He is pleased–and so am I.

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