The theme of this blog is to ASK Jesus for what you need or want. Some people never think to ask Him; others expect Him to provide without any effort on their part. It is important to communicate with God, in prayer, by asking. When people have been avoiding me because I am totally blind, I feel sad. If they want to know how I function as a blind person, getting to know me usually does the trick. What holds many sighted people back is that they are afraid to ask. Just asking me “how do you do” such-and-such can solve the problem. I say that the acronym ASK stands for “always seek knowledge.” Seeking knowledge of Jesus, or help from Jesus can solve many issues, if not all of them. He does not always answer in our time, especially if we are in a big all-fired-up hurry, but He does answer when we ask. He may not give us the answer we want but He always has an answer which is always appropriate according to how God thinks. Some of us, definitely including myself, have learned this the hard way. Just ask!

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