THE TERM WRETCH REVISITED:The three citations I found in the Bible regarding the term “wretch” referred to our wretchedness as sinners, but did not call us a “wretch” I agree that my/our sinnning is wretched, but I do not think, at this time, that this makes me/you a wretch. The dictionary definition of the term is:1. very unfortunate in condition or circumstances; miserable; pitiable. 2. characterized by or attended with misery and sorrow. I know that my reaction is mostly to the idea that we are “piteable.” My reaction is from the fact that many sighted people see me, as a totally blind person, as pitiable. I do not want to be pitied because I am blind. There are a lot worse conditions I could have, one being sinfulness. I think it is a good idea for me/us to ask Jesus to heal us from physical/mental conditions. When we are born again, we are forgiven our sins. So as far as I know, that means we are no longer wretched??? I may need to ask more on this subject. In a way, this subject is O T (off topic) although, in my opinion, (which is just an opinion; it doesn’t mean I am right or not) asking in Jesus name can be about anything. In Jesus’ name.

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