THE JOY OF JESUS:Perhaps I am having difficulty juxtaposing our wretchedness as sinners, on one hand, which is depressing and a slap to our self-esteem, and, the joy of Jesus, on the other. Jesus within me and around me is a beautiful, joyful Presence and I do not want to think or do anything that would lessen this joy. I want that same joy for you who have not yet accepted Jesus or have not been rescued by Him. There is beautiful, joyful music and poetry written about, for and by Jesus! I celebrate such artistic creations, including that in the Bible, especially in the Psalms and Proverbs. I am finding really neat/cool verses there that I had no idea were in God’s Word. I prefer focusing on this, than to our wretchedness, though it is important to understand what Jesus died for; it was not just for something rather insignificant. Our sins are a big deal and we need to do something about them. Those of you who are lost will not make it to Heaven unless you repent, are baptized in Jesus’ name, receive the Holy Ghost, the evidence of which is speaking in tongues. Your joy will come in being born again! in Jesus’ name.

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