THE FREUDIAN SLIP It was Halloween. I took a taxi to the grocery store. As I entered the cab, the driver proclaimed “happy Easter!” We both laughed. He felt embarrassed; however, I explained that Easter is much more important than Halloween, so his Freudian slip was actually a good one. He did not want to say much about Jesus, but I did. It is openings like this for which we need to be aware so that we can mention Jesus as a logical continuation of a conversation. It has been helpful for me to witness this way rather than out of the blue asking “Do you know Jesus?” or “Are you a Christian?” However, the latter was asked of me last year and it brought me to where I am now. So perhaps asking such questions is not as inappropriate as I was just thinking. I wonder if this taxi driver’s Freudian slip was Jesus’ way of helping me to turn the conversation to Him. So far, when I’ve given my testimony, I haven’t asked “do you want to hear my testimony?” I just tell them I have something interesting to share. So far, no one has stopped me from my account. I did, however, get into some trouble the other day when I mentioned church-related issues on a couple of the email lists I am on. There were people there who very defiantly did not want to hear about my church experiences or my relationship with Jesus. I am quite sure that there are some nonbelievers on that list. I was hoping to help them. I was accused of dishonoring God by making my comments public. Huh? Okay, in mainline Christian churches, we are taught to keep our faith and our relationship with Jesus, such as it is, to ourselves. It is considered a sign of reverence. However, as I mentioned in a previous post, there’s more than one way to be reverent. Singing at the top of our voices can be a sign of reverence also. Witnessing can certainly include a kind of reverence. Such is the advantage of having my own blog. I can say what i want here because you can always skip sections you’re not currently into at the moment. You can always come back later and reread these posts. You might come to very different realizations by rereading the comments here. It is very possible that I can find food for thought within these posts that I might have previously missed. “Happy Easter!” In Jesus’ name!

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