(written fall of 2015) Some of us women at our church are involved in a Life Group called “knit together.” We are approaching the idea of “knit together” from various angles. The other day, we unscrambled words that were related to “knit together.” I have some practice at unscramblind words and helping people do crossword puzzles, so I was able to participate in that project quite successfully.

The other day I was out with a friend when I decided to roll a ball of yarn from a skein I had in my bag for one of my projects. Things went well for a while until I came upon snag after snag. I was rolling baby yarn, so the knots were more difficult to untangle. I was successful until I came near to the end where the tangles were so bad and so many that I decided to cut that whole end of the skein off. It occurred to me that I am better at unscrambling words and untangling yarn than I sometimes am at untangling some of the difficulties in my own life. I am quite capable of problem-solving in some cases, and I have certainly been told that I can always solve my problems. I’m not sure where this has come from because there are times when, hard as I might try, I need help out of some situations.

Jesus has had much patience with me; just waiting for me to tackle life’s snags to see how far I get. At times I feel as if He is refusing to help me; however, He knows I am going to work and work in my mind on a given issue. He gives me the free will to, as the song went “do it my way”. But He is right there waiting when the snags get too difficult and too many at once for us to undo ourselves. It is not a sign of weakness to ask Jesus for help. It is actually a sign of strength; a sign that indeed we *can* problem-solve by knowing when to turn to Him for help.

I am at that point as I write this piece. My life is resembling the end of that lavender skein of yarn I was untangling the other day; too many knots, too close together; a rat’s nest! My cutting that part of the yarn off and throwing it away was not a sign of giving up or failure. Once I let it go, I was free to go on with my crochet project. Once we let Jesus help us, we are free to rest, come up with answers, go help someone, or go feed the cats. Speaking of the cats, my cats are not showing any sign of weakness by asking me for food or to clean their cat box or to play with them. They know who to come to for the help they need and when I do something for them, they are happy and successful at what they’d meowed for. If we let Jesus know we are “hungry” He will supply our need. I am currently waiting for this to happen. I know He will work everything out, though the waiting and living on the edge can be exhausting. This is where prayer comes in.

Although there are real difficulties in my life right now, I am so grateful not to be facing them alone. Jesus is with me no matter what. Praising Him no matter what is something I am currently working on. Perhaps you can do that, too. Try it; you might be surprised how it helps you! In Jesus’ name.

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