STUPID QUESTION: Some people are reluctant to ask Jesus for help for fear they are asking Him something stupid–a stupid question. I believe that to Jesus, there is no such thing as a stupid question because He has all the answers. In fact, I believed this and have stated it so in my own life. However, during my life as a blind person, I have heard some doozies. I realize that some people are slow to ask me about how I function independently as a blind person, for fear that I will make fun of them for their “stupid question.” I try very hard not to poke fun at someone’s questions about blindness, though, at my age, I have been asked some questions that could be filed under “stupid.” “How did you know when your baby was crying?” someone asked me one time. Huh? My hearing is perfect in one ear and not all that bad in the other. Did my blindness somehow cause me not to hear my daughter cry? Though baffled, I just laughed inside and answered that I could hear her cry. Quite often, at restaurants, the server will look at a sighted person accompanying me and ask “does she want???” How does the other person know what I want if I haven’t told him/her? What ever happened to addressing me directly, to discover what I want? Many times the sighted person with me or I will need to help the server understand that I am perfectly capable of answering the question myself. Sometimes I have said something like:”She is right here; She is able to tell you what she wants,” and then they realize that it is better to speak to me; that my hearing and thinking work fine. I’ve been asked numerous times “how do you tell your cats apart?” Hmmm. How could I *not* know? I think to myself as I answer:”Each cat who has owned me has something distinct about them. I can tell by their meows, their tails and body shape, and their behavior. When I hear a crash in the other room, I know which one did it. So what I do is filter out the element of stupidity and simply answer the question as best I know how. I want people to ask; to discover how blind people can function. Who knows; one day they may personally need to know. It does not hurt anyone to know. I think Jesus filters out the stupidity in our questions and answers us without humiliating us, too. I believe it is much better to ask Him whatever it is on our minds and hearts and not worry about whether we’re asking a “stupid question” or not. The answers can be helpful and enlightening no matter what the question. As I’ve stated before ASK equals “Always Seek Knowledge.”–no matter what. We may receive answers from Jesus that will change our lives forever. It happened to me. It can happen for you, too.

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