“STUFF”–NOT HAPPILY EVER AFTER–YET Some have said that once we have repented of our sins, been baptized in jesus’ name, and received the Holy Ghost, that we come up out of baptism a different person and that things will go smoothly from then on. i believe we are different when we come up out of the waters of baptism; i know i am. However, “stuff” still happens. “Stuff” that we were already dealing with can continue to happen. “Stuff” that we had no idea was coming can happen to us. “Stuff” that seems bad can happen for our good, when we look back on it later on. The difference, as i perceive it right now, is that i am no longer alone in “stuff” that happens. jesus is always with me, whether I always perceive his Presence or not. Being that I suffer from separation anxiety from early childhood trauma, just having my cats with me has usually been enough to keep me from an outright panic attack at home. However, now that i am much more aware of jesus living with and in me, my likelihood of suffering panic attacks is even less. his Presence fills my home with peace and a feeling of being safe. I hope and pray that i will be safe for the rest of my life. I hope for this for you, too. i take comfort in knowing that i will be safe and secure in Heaven someday and there will be no reason for me to worry about “stuff” happening anymore. i hope and pray for this for you, too, in Jesus’ name. Amen

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