When I was young and when evangelist Billy Graham made his crusades across the country, my Mom always had them playing on the tv. I was raised a mainline Christian but I did not feel very close to Jesus. When people would come down to the altar, during the hymn “Just as I am”, I would feel glad for them, but sad for me.

I perked up when they did the hymn “immortal, invisible, God only wise.” For some reason, I really resonated with that hymn and it is still a favorite of mine.

When people gave their testimonies, I wished I had one. I would listen to him off in another room, like I didn’t want anyone knowing I was listening. I liked the music and the messages.

When they were over, no one in my family said anything about the crusades, but I would think about something he said. I cringed at his talking about Jesus on the cross and how He suffered. Part of me didn’t want to know. But the Resurrection was something I was interested in.

Then I went quite far away from Christianity, although I continued attending church and singing in the choir. I loved music, so that went well with me.

When Jesus rescued me, one of the people I thought of immediately was Billy Graham. He connected so many people with Jesus. He gave me that spark of remembrance and holiness that I think helped me allow Jesus to rescue me four years ago in March. I remembered not having a testimony back then and now I do! Thank You, Jesus! Billy Graham wil continue to have a special place in my heart. And now he is with Jesus.

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