ONLY CERTAIN THINGS Some people think that we can only ask Jesus certain things. Is it okay to ask for … wouldn’t it sound selfish, greedy, stupid, too much, embarrassing, something He wouldn’t have time for, … etc. So they don’t ask. He can handle any request we make. How He answers them is another matter. I’ve heard of instances in which someone asked for something very specific and it never materialized. However, this does not mean that He did not answer. A while after she had asked, a friend of mine realized that she had been given blessings that were far better than what she had originally requested. Remember–asking is only one way to communicate with God. You can tell Him how things are going, even though He already knows. You can even tell Him your opinion of how things are going. You can tell Him what you think about what so-and-so said/did. You can tell Him what cute thing your child or pet did recently. You can run a line of the poem you are writing by Him. … The examples are limitless. Talk to Him as if He were your best friend–for, indeed, He is! And then, remember to listen . What He has to say to us is infinitely more important than anything we could ever say to Him. We can learn about other possible opinions, solutions to certain problems, the location of items we are looking for, the right words to finish our poem, and on and on. Finally, in all cases, we need to remember to praise Him, honor Him, glorify Him and thank Him. This is important not only when things are going our way but even when you feel like you are in a black hole. Sometimes I communicate with Him in words, or through His Word, but quite often, it is through song. I often have a song we’ve sung on Sunday running through my mind during the week. I try to really think about the words, sometimes just one line of words I am wanting to incorporate into my prayers. Jesus often communicates with me without words too. It is like something in my life is arranged so that it comes out an unexpected, certain way–beyond what I could have ever thought of or hoped for. When I think there is no way out of this one, then things resolve anyway. And don’t just think to communicate with Him on Sundays, but all the time. Every day. I realize I am repeating myself again, but this is so important. I am sometimes guilty of letting my mind be strongly on earthly stuff and forgetting about Him. This is far too easy to do. It is far too important for us *not* to do that. =========== Interestingly enough, several hours after I wrote this piece the other evening, I came home feeling frustrated about several things that had really gone wrong for me during the week. I had put much time and effort only to be unsuccessful and very annoyed. It takes quite a lot for me to become impatient, but I was impatient last week. Imagine my surprise when 1, 2, 3, each frustrating issue was resolved to my satisfaction–not in exactly the ways I had envisioned, but better, and sooner! I was so excited! Jesus had been right there with me through the frustrating few days and He already knew that I would experience satisfactory results soon. I bet He was pleased to think about how pleased I would be! And I was! I wonder how He decides which things to resolve and which ones not to. God only knows! In Jesus’ name!

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