NOW THAT I’VE SAID ALL THAT … I do believe it is possible for Jesus to heal us completely from whatever ails us. I believe He can totally eliminate “stuff” from our earthly lives. I believe there are words to that effect in the Bible; so I encourage myself and you to find it there. I merely wanted to point out, in previous posts, that this perfection is not all that likely to come upon us in our lives so we need not be disappointed with God if “stuff” continues to happen in our earthly lives. Hopefully we can refrain from thinking or saying “Jesus doesn’t love me anymore, or enough,” or “Why is God punishing me?” when “stuff” happens. It is much more positive and realistic to continue to thank Him for what he has already done for us and will do in the future, and to regard the “stuff” as growing pains and/or lessons/homework for our learning to be more like jesus and also to prepare us for our eternal life in heaven. (off topic note:Maryah, my eldest cat, trounced over my laptop keyboard and my left shift key is broken. I apologize for typos that might be affected by problems with that key in the last several posts.)

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