My testimony continued:(I do not know how much room we have per post.) I asked God for medical help. I asked Him to help me in whatever ways He could. In January I received an email from Social Security. Thinking it was one of their usual unhelpful communications, I deleted it. Later I had a strong intuitive urge to read that email. It listed new additions to conditions SS would cover. One jumped out at me. I always thought that if one had a bowel obstruction, it happened one time, part of the bowel died and the person probably died. But listed here was “chronic idiopathic intestinal obstruction.” I *knew* that was it! I called my dr. only to discover I had been reassigned to a new doctor. When I met her I told her what I thought my condition was. I asked for a scan and I stated I would not leave the room until she set me up for one. The scan was abnormal. I was referred to a gastroenterologist who saw, immediately, that I had a twisted bowel. I was quickly referred to a surgeon who was able to get me in the very next day. Both the GI dr. and the surgeon informed me that any of the blockages I experienced during this 2-1/2-year time could have killed me. The surgery was successful! I owe it all to Jesus for such answered prayer. It was life-savingly important that I *asked* for His help! I did not know if He would hear me, let alone answer me. If you are thinking doubtfully about Him answering you, just ask Him. He will answer. Maybe not in your preferred time frame; maybe not the answer you expect, but He will answer!

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