For Christmas, I offer you this poem which Jesus and I composed in November of this year. Merry Christmas!

Let Our Lord Be Manger-Free

by Lauren Merryfield



It is now that time of year

When we think of Jesus, dear;

How He was in manger born

In a stable all forlorn.



Mother Mary held Him near;

Angels came to sing good cheer.

It was such a blessed night;

And, this time of year’s delight.



How we love the little One;

Singing Christmas carols, fun;

But some people leave Him there,

In a manger, cold and bare.



Jesus grew, became a man;

Had to follow through His plan;

Taught disciples how to live;

But He had much more to give.



He was tortured on the cross;

This, perceived by some, as loss.

Many thought that was the end;

Jesus, though, would death transcend.



The third day He did arise;

This caught many by surprise.

Some, of course, did not believe

That He came, our sins receive;



Asked us to repent, and know

True forgiveness He would show.

Some would keep Him in His grave,

Though He came, His own to save.



If we leave Him in the stall,

This is not the Truth at all;

If the cross is where He’s left,

Then our future’s quite bereft.



Our salvation is at hand;

This we need to understand.

Let the One from Gallilee

Go from manger to the tree



And beyond; His plan fulfill;

What He did for us, His will.

This is what we do believe;

Jesus’ blessings we receive.



Ring the bells and trumpets sound,

Merry Christmas all around;

For our Lord is manger-free;

Lives inside of you and me,



And around us, everywhere,

In the land and in the air;

In the waters, baptized then,

Born again women and men.



From the stall to Heaven’s gate;

(Some of us may have to wait,)

Though He’ll surely come again,

And forever, He will reign!





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