MONDAY I began this blog for people who are lost, who do not know Jesus, but have only probably heard of Him. I wanted to help them get to know Jesus. As things have progressed, I’ve realized that there are tons of luke-warm Christians who could also benefit from this blog, who may actually be more likely to read it than the totally lost. So now I write for the totally lost and the luke-warm lost. If you attend church, it is easy to talk to Jesus and even perhaps ask Him for help. Then after a while you leave your pew, walk the aisle toward the door and outside you go, to the parking lot. Do you hear anyone mentioning Jesus? Do *you* mention Him? It happens fast; we forget. By Monday church is history. Talking to or about Jesus is history. It is like we are Christians one day and atheists the next. This phenomenon is far too prevalent these days. So, when Monday comes around, make it a point to think of Jesus, to pray to Him, to worship Him, to thank Him for all He has done for you. If you are successful, try it on Tuesday, and Wednesday and so forth. You could remember Jesus *all week* every week and no longer be a luke-warm Christian. In Jesus’ name.

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