JUST A PENNY I have stated before that asking Jesus for something is only one side of the coin, pun intended. Giving is also important. You ask:what can I give Him? You give Him your heart and soul, actually all of you. You may think “I don’t have anything to offer Him.” Everyone has something, no matter how small. I remember one day at a store when I was purchasing an item worth $100 even, including tax. My problem was that I only had $99.99–99 dollars and 99 cents. I was one penny short. Without that penny, I could not purchase my item of choice. As I fumbled in my bag for a penny, the clerk said she would add one for me. This was a kind gesture, small amount of money that a penny is these days. I went home thinking differently about just one penny. One Sunday morning I literally had only one cent to my name. I debated on whether or not to put it in an envelope and give it during offering time. I was afraid that whoever opened the envelope would be disgusted, like, “what a stupid thing to do!” I thought about “the widow’s mite” mentioned in the Bible, realizing I am a widow and that my penny could multiply, or it could bring the total to just the right amount for that Sunday. Casting aside my embarrassment and worry about what someone else would think, I realized that Jesus would be pleased by my sharing. So, up went the penny in its envelope. Now someone reading this might contribute one penny when he/she might not have before. If enough of us gave just one penny, it could add up. My second husband used to dump his pockets out on the floor. I thought this was rather rude and crude of him so I refused to pick up his messes. One day I was feeling around on the floor for something I had dropped and I came across Jim’s dumpings, and suddenly I was interested in them. He not only dumped out receipts, bits of paper, etc, but also his change! I began a ritual of picking up his change and placing it in a giant Coke bottle. Several years after his passing, I noticed the bottle was very heavy. I decided to take it to a coin sorter, to discover that I had saved $177.62! This was enough to help with my bills! My diligence paid off, pun intended. What he considered next to garbage turned out to be very helpful to me. I know they’ve been talking about doing away with the penny for some years. But as long as they haven’t done it yet, perhaps you might reconsider “just a penny” and find in it some value, to God and to you. In Jesus’ Name!

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