JUMPING Do we often jump to conclusions before, during or after asking God for help? Rather than letting Him help us, we sometimes assume the outcome. One day recently, I received a small box at my door. Upon opening it, I found it contained a smaller box, which contained a packing envelope which contained–nothing! “Nothing?” I thought. “I think this is supposed to be (a certain item I ordered and it’s not here. I need to call the company and ask for another item,” I stated aloud. … And then I remembered … My iPhone had broken and Apple had agreed to repair it. Because there is no Apple store near where I live, the support person informed me that I would be receiving a box in which to place my phone to send it in for repair or replacement. How quickly I had forgotten! I assumed it would take several days for the empty box to arrive–however, I truly had already forgotten!How easy it was for me to jump to conclusions. We do the same with God. We have our minds made up believing one thing when another is actually true. We blame Him when things go wrong, in our estimation, when He always has our best interest at heart, even when we do not. We do not always know what is best for us, but God always knows. We may disagree with how our life is progressing, however, jumping to certain clusions, and deciding to give up on asking Jesus for what we want or need. This, of course, will not help us any. No matter what is happening to us or our loved ones or in the world, we do well to continue praying, asking Jesus for His help in our lives and in the world. He is in charge, no matter how things seem to us here on earth. We also do well to remind ourselves always to praise and thank Him for all He has done in our lives. If we cannot immediately think of what God has done for us, it is important for us to meditate and pray on this until those things come to mind. No matter what, however, we can praise and honor the One who created us, who loves us, who is always for us. We can jump to a good conclusion:God is with us and for us no matter what!

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