Jesus is just a crutch Some people say they don’t need help and Jesus is just a crutch. Actually, there is nothing wrong with a crutch, when one needs one. Back around the time that my husband passed on, I was hospitalized with a broken ankle. I was in a wheelchair for 8 weeks and used a walker for several weeks, and then I graduated to a boot. There was nothing shameful about my using these aids. I did not use crutches because the medical staff thought I couldn’t use them, as a blind person. I do not know if this is a fact or not because we never tried. But a walker worked quite well. There are people with permanent physical disabilities requiring crutches, a walker, a cane or a wheelchair for the rest of their lives. Using these devices does not make one more dependent; just the opposite; they give the person independence they would otherwise not have. Jesus wants us to lean on Him; to depend on Him for support. The same people who refuse to use a crutch, seeing it as a symbol of neediness, are more likely to refuse to rely upon Jesus, too. In some cases, the refusal of a crutch is a matter of pride. One is too proud to be seen and he/she feels shame using a supportive device especially in public. Some people often feel that society will see them as less of a person. I’m sorry to say that this is absolutely true in our society; however, that is *their* perception; it does not have to be ours. Such people are often the ones who have too much pride to humble themselves to the point of realizing that they *need* Jesus! So far, in my life, I have not met a person yet who has it so all together that he/she does not need Jesus. We all do; it is something we all have in common. Even those of us who have Jesus need and want more and more of Him; we just can’t get enough of Him! So how do we contact Him, if He has not come for us, as He did with me after I called upon Him? You guessed it! We ask! Asking for help is something we all need to do at one time or another. One who is too proud to ask, or who feels too ashamed to ask, will not ask because he/she does not want to be regarded as needy or as “less than”. Such persons miss out on what Jesus can do for them. “I want to do it myself” can be good when one is determined to function independently. However, rigidly taking this posture in all circumstances is often not helpful. We are better off, in the long run, if we always depend on Jesus, if we depend on ourselves at times and if we depend on others at other times. Such interdependence is a more balanced and more helpful approach for most of us as our lives progress. I had a dream the other night, which prompted me to write this commentary today. In my dream, I was in the hospital with that broken ankle and a guy using a crutch came in to help me with something. He saw my cane and asked if I ever named my canes. I told him all of my canes have been named Bartholomew since my second cane in high school, catly PURRson that I am. (I voiced a kitten’s mew on the last syllable of BartholoMEW.) He said his crutch was named Jesus! He explained that he physically needed a crutch and spiritually needed Jesus. He further stated that he knew Jesus could heal him so he would no longer need his physical crutch, but he would still need Jesus, no matter what. What a testimony! I do not normally remember the particulars of a dream upon waking, but this one was right down my alley. A crutch can be a good thing, when needed. Calling on Jesus is always a good thing! Go ahead and ask Him to heal you from needing a physical crutch. If Jesus does not heal your condition, do not give up and hide out somewhere feeling too proud, or too much shame, but live your life fully, as Jesus would want you to do! Just ask Him. You might experience a miracle!

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