JESUS HELPED ME AGAIN: Recently I was in big trouble. My feet and legs were swollen badly and draining and my breathing was difficult due to fluid in the lungs. Rather than go to the ER, I saw a different dr. the next day. She diagnosed me with congestive heart failure. This, of course, was something I did not want to hear. However, the symptoms, more than the tests, pointed to it. I was put on heart medication and almost immediately my pounding, irregularly-beating, struggling heart has calmed down. Most of the time I don’t even feel or hear it much anymore. Now I realize that I probably needed this help years ago. I’ve been asking Jesus to help my heart, and, once again, He has helped me. It would be nice if He could heal me, however, making me better is something for which I am very thankful! The tiredness, shortness of breath, weakness, heart symptoms, etc, all make sense now. Praise Jesus for His help! In Jesus’ name!

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