I apologize for the lack of posting as of late. I had pneumonia plus experiencing the death of my Mom. Last year, it was Dad, during the holidays; this year it was Mom. I know it cannot happen again next year; I have no more parents. I wish they could tell me about their experiences with Jesus, if that is where they are. It is good that Mom is no longer angry, nor is she struggling with intestinal issues. When my sister and I were dividing up Mom’s jewelry and things, we felt awful; like we were tresspassing her boundaries. She had a figurine slipper collection, some dishes from her mom and her mom, and when she passed, those were to come to us. I only chose a few smaller items because I have so much stuff I am paying monthly for a storage unit. I asked Jesus to help us, which He did. My sister and I chose items without a fuss. The one thing we both wanted was a wooden cage with a small wooden ball inside that Mom’s dad, Grandpa Gerard, had whittled. Brad, my brother-in-law, put it in one hand and I chose a hand and it was empty. So my sister has that item. The earrings were all clip-on. My ears are pierced so we will need to find someone who likes clip-on earrings. My sister wears very little jewelry. Jesus said I could wear my kitty and bell jewelry. He would think about the rest. He did seem to want me to have some of Mom’s jewelry. I also chose a jewelry box that a friend had made for Mom. My sister has larger items such as a double seat with a table in between and Mom’s china cabinet, among other things. Am I boring you? Remember boredom is a state of mind. You can choose if you are bored or not. The gift of Jesus is the most valuable of all things. In Jesus’ name.

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