I have noticed that when I talk to people about Jesus, most of them say they already know Him or already have a personal relationship with Him. But in telling them my testimony and how our relationship with Him can be improved upon, sometimes they seem to put up walls, as if I might be tresspassing their boundaries, which, of course, I do not intend to do. I think everyone who does not, or who does, have a relationship with Jesus can improve upon it.

Jesus is always more than we think He is. He can and has done more for us than we will ever consciously realize.

When we say we know Him well enough it sometimes means “I don’t want to talk about it.” I feel sad that so many people really do not want to talk about it. I know they may feel uncomfortable talking to a complete stranger about something so personal. I do understand that because I often feel more reluctance than I need to about approaching the subject of Jesus with strangers when I’m out and about. Sometimes I just make a casual comment like “I’m so glad Jesus is helping me with this” or “If I didn’t have Jesus onboard, I’d be really lost.” So there seems to be a two-way street of reluctance. I know that in my case, I need to really understand that if someone rejects my wanting to talk with them about Jesus, they are not necessarily rejecting me. And, most important, it is not about me; it’s about Jesus! It’s also about the high probability that we’re truly in the End Time, and people really need Jesus! It is a matter of life and death for some people to find Jesus or allow Him to find them. I knkow; been there, done that. It is important not to wait until things seem perfect and then add Jesus to one’s life; we need to let it happen now; though things in our lives are imperfect. Now is the time for us to improve upon whatever our relationship with Jesus is right now; be it not at all , to mediocre, to even on the good side. Let this happen for us; let it happen for Him! Let’s all improve upon our relationship with Jesus now! Right now! In Jesus’ name, amen.

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