ICE CREAM When I was in Sunday School as a second-grader, I really worried my teacher. I asked questions, whose answers I am still unsure of. One time she was saying that Jesus “holds us in the palm of His hand.” I asked how big was His hand? She said “big enough to hold us.” I asked “Is His hand bigger than this room?” She said she thought so. … On another occasion, she said “You are His hands and feet, and His mouth. Be careful what you say and what you do.” And, you guessed it. I asked:”If Jesus wants ice cream, does He have us eat it for Him?” I do not remember my teacher answering that one. I think she just sat there. I think I missed an interesting facial expression on her part. She did contact my Mom about such questions. All I can say now is that if your kids ask rather off-the-wall questions, let them. Try to see if there is something in the Bible that would answer them. I’m still looking … in Jesus’ name

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