I LIED In a previous post I stated that Jesus doesn’t communicate with me in words. What I really meant was that I do not hear a human male voice speaking to me. If I did, it would probably frighten me. However, certainly He does communicate with me in words–His Word in the Bible, words of others who are instructing me, and words that He gives me in my mind. He is one of ideas and thoughts and “the still small voice” which certainly does communicate with me. I mention this because He communicates with us in infinite ways, far more than I know, but in a variety of ways that we can receive from Him. I was instructed by Him to write this blog for people who are lost. Sometimes I get confused and lost even now. So I apologize for any time when I may have not been clear enough in what I was really trying to say. Indeed Jesus does communicate in words–even with me. I know He speaks to many people in a human, male voice. He communicates with us in whatever way He can and get through to us. So what works for me is different from what works for someone else. Jesus does not expect us to be carbon copies/cookie cutter people, so His means of communicating with us can be as similar or as different one from another. Each cat I have known has had his/her own special meow. I have always known them apart. The three I have now have individual voices and manners of “speaking.” I often communicate with each one differently. Jesus knows our individual “voice” and manner of communication and He can adjust His communication to best optimize that communication. Although He is “no respecter of persons” He does not treat us as identical but equal. Now I need to find Bible verses to help me explain this better. There is much variety in the Bible. Hopefully one result of this is that whereas some verses may not speak to us as directly, some other verses do. Even at different times of our lives, different verses can jump out at us with new meaning. So I did not actually lie in my earlier post, because I did not say it deliberately, knowing better. I misinterpreted the idea I was trying to present. Jesus corrected me, for which I am grateful. Whew! I overcomplicated that one. Thank You, Jesus!

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