HOLY GHOST Today is my first anniversary of receiving the Holy Ghost and “singing” in tongues. I was concerned that I would be frightened, but Jesus, knowing that, came to me when I was relaxed, holding Maryah, my eldest kitty, who was purring. If anyone reading this has not begun a personal relationship with Jesus yet, this is something you can do, by, you guessed it, asking. You need to respond to “the great commission”, as stated in Acts 2, 38:believe in Jesus, His crucifixion and Resurrection, that He died to bring us Salvation; recognize your sins and repent of them, confessing them to Jesus, although He already knows; be baptized, by immersion, in Jesus’ Name; receive the Holy Ghost, with speaking (or singing, in my case) in tongues as the sign that you have indeed received Him. Once you feel the presence of the Holy Ghost, nothing is ever the same. I pray that anyone who is ready will find Jesus, or be found by Him, soon.

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