GOT TO GET YOU INTO MY LIFE (as the Beatles sang)

GOT TO GET YOU INTO MY LIFE (as the Beatles sang)

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Psalm 144:2
“He is my loving ally and my fortress, my tower of safety, my rescuer. He is my shield, and I take refuge in Him.” NLT

Some people deny the existence of Jesus altogether. Others resist Him being a part of their life. Been there, done that, still working on it. We are afraid to surrender to Him for many reasons. Maybe we secretly think He is our enemy. Maybe we think He is not related to science, even though He created science. Maybe we think that allowing His Presence, love and support means we are being sissies and not being self-reliant enough. Perhaps the thought of Jesus just never occurs to us because we don’t know any better.

Maybe we think about Him on Sundays when we go to church and then forget about Him the rest of the week. Maybe we even attend church once or twice a year and forget about Him the rest of the time. Maybe we don’t forget about Him but push Him out; Or we only allow Him at the doorstep, not all the way in to our lives.

We do not understand that we do not need to be so resistant. We don’t need to be on guard with Jesus. Even when other humans have not been all that trustworthy, Jesus is. Some of us have such huge trust issues that we compare Him to humans without understanding that He has never done anything to deserve our lack of trust in Him. Allowing Him into our lives is a good thing, however, we won’t know unless we do it.

Maybe you could just let Him in for a visit and see how it goes. Then more visits, and then always.

Actually, Jesus is already with you, but we need to consciously let Him be near to us. He is not going to force Himself on us, as I’ve said before. As someone put it “Jesus is a gentleman.” He isn’t the “You let me in or else I’ll blow your house down” type, like the big bad wolf.

This subject is near and dear to my heart because I was traumatized in early childhood by untrustworthy adults, and that lack of trust has affected my relationship with Jesus. I cried, argued, insulted and otherwise disobeyed and disregarded the help that some adults tried to give me in my younger days. Some of them did not have my best interest at heart, even when they said they did. So I assumed (don’t do that) that Jesus was the same way–He had His own agenda with me not in a good place in it.

I have experienced so many people having low expectations of me due to their perceptions about blindness, to where they exclude me from what is going on that I automatically think Jesus would do the same. Not true. I feel sad about this and even envy people who are willing and able to just let go.

Although I have accepted Him into my life,and will not totally lock Him out, I still sometimes push Him to the doorstep. This is rude, unkind, and certainly not loving toward Him.

He is the greatest love of my life, trustworthy, on my side, approves of me, loves me, has answers for me, fixes things in my life, and I could go on. He is not like limited humans and this has been a huge lesson for me to learn and keep improving upon.

There are some people who are lost. Then there are those who know better but do not “let go and let God” as some put it. We need to learn that it is okay to surrender to Jesus, to abandon resistance, to submit to His will. This does not mean becoming a helpless puppet. It does not mean that we live the rest of our lives in a bubble; it just means to stop pushing Him away and to trust Him.

So now let us rejoice for the relief and release in submitting to Jesus! Worship Him and thank Him for helping us let Him into our lives where He belongs.

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