GIVE JESUS A CHANCE You’ve heard of that song “give peace a chance …” I suggest we give Jesus a chance. I have talked to people through the years about Jesus, even during some of my own doubtful times. And in many cases, some people would not really give Jesus a chance to come into their lives. They would say He was just a man from a long time ago; a good teacher but not divine. They would say He didn’t know or care about their thoughts or feelings. Besides, they were just too busy for Him. I remember one college student (back when I was one, too) who said “I’m not going to even talk about Jesus. I’d lose my friends.” That was years ago and some people are still saying similar things to negate a relationship with Jesus. They chock Him off before even trying to get closer to Him. I know. Been there; done that. I am unable to sit here and say to anyone “well, I’ve always had a great relationship with Jesus. If I can do it, you can, too.” I do not even have the background to say that to someone. But I can say that I do understand, to some extent, where they are coming from because I’ve been a questioner and doubter, too. In fact, I am still a questioner. I hope I always will be and I hope you will be, too. Even if you have not done so up until now, I ask you to please give Jesus another chance. You might be very pleasantly surprised–and you might not even lose your friends– and you will gain one–the most important one! In Jesus’ name

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