FILTERS John 14:6 Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” … “I was lookin’ for love in all the wrong places. Lookin’ for love in too many faces. Searchin’ their eyes, lookin’ for traces. Of what I’m dreamin’ of.”–Johnny Lee song lyrics Yikes! I used an older version of Internet Explorer for my last couple posts and all that appeared was my title line. I came back to Mozilla Firefox, pasted the very same info into my post, and all of it appeared. Evidently Internet Explorer filtered out all that I posted except my title in all caps. This evening when I tried to post using Internet Explorer, there was a message stating that I was using an outdated browser and this might affect my post. It sure did! Are we using an outdated or misdirected thinking system when we think about Jesus? Are we thinking about Him as we did when we were kids? Did we leave Him as a baby in the manger, stuck there? Or did we leave Him at “Jesus loves me this I know …?” … Are we thinking about Him like we did last night? “He doesn’t speak to me in words.” … Have we let Him grow up with us? Have we acknowledged His teachings, crucifixion and resurrection? Do we really know much about Jesus through our own flawed filters or are we consciously making the effort to get to really know Him, without all the filters? Back in high school we had a city-wide essay contest entitled “how to achieve world peace.” I was one of the winners. Way back then I advocated educating people all over the world; this would bring about world peace. I did not understand that I was expecting the whole world to think about peace as I did, a girl living in the United States. I did not take other peoples’ world views, traditions and lifestyles into consideration. It was a global “my way” and evidently the judges of the contest agreed. How scary! I was already being indoctrinated into the “new world order” way of thinking. In college I was exposed to anthropology, psychology, sociology, philosophy, and, you guessed it, no Bible. I did take a course in what they called Biology Three, in which we were presented with papers on current perspectives on various issues from abortion to euthanasia from various perspectives. Our assignments were to come up with as many varying opinions on a given subject as we could. This entailed research. This was, to me, one of the best courses I took, however, now I am thinking about how the Bible was absent, even in our perspective research. Later in life, I was fascinated by “comparative religions.” Although I was most familiar with mainline Christianity, I read about Roman Catholicism, Mormonism, Baha’i, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, nondenominational Christianity, Quakers, Amish, Mennonites, and whoever else I am leaving out. I studied them from what was written in various books, but not all that much from the Bible. Then I spent years in a New Age church where the Bible was considered a good story and good reading to learn from. Jesus was a great teacher. I let myself use that filter until Jesus rescued me, leading me to my current apostolic church. He had allowed me to know of varying perspectives from the filters of many views which deemphasized Him or showed Him in a limited light. No wonder I felt distant from Him for years–almost lost. I am now reading and hearing about the “new world order” and “global governance” familiar to me from waaaaaaaay back. I had no idea until recently what the Bible had to say about this. You might want to read the book of Daniel and the last book of the Bible, Revelation. (and maybe some others). I was shocked to realize that the one behind global governance is none other than, that one I don’t even want to name. Certainly not Jesus. When I consider how close I came to rallying around that perspective and how I might have even accepted the mark of the beast unawares, it gives me the creeps. It does so not just for me personally, but if I could be so uninformed and fooled for so long, think of how many other supposedly intelligent people could be barking up the wrong tree, due to their world view filters. I am sometimes horrified now, on one hand, and so gratefully relieved, on the other, that I could have missed the boat and drowned in wrong perspective. If it had been up to me, I would have been on the other sside of the fence today, if not for Jesus coming for me. I am not the most obedient person there is and even when He tried to lead me out of the morass, I could have resisted. I was so taken by His concern for me that I followed, unquestioningly. This is part of the miracle of my becoming Born Again. I am the least likely of my family members for this to happen to, and I could have been the most resistant. It is like He shut me up long enough to get me out of there. I was pretty floored to end up in my current church. Like, huh? What is this all about? Me here??? Why did you send me here? I understood right away–Jesus! and the Bible! Getting the Holy Ghost! Baptism in Jesus’ name! Salvation! All of those other filters had kept me from the most important experiences of all. I had understood that Jesus led me to the cure from intestinal blockages and how lifesaving that was, but He did even so much more for me! I have probably not been grateful enough! Joyful enough! totally indebted to Him enough! His love! patience with me as I continue to ask a CATzillion questions. I am amazed by Him! How He would take a perspective junkie like me and bring me back to let Him out of the manger and be my Savior! I love my beloved Jesus! I am still messing up and will continue to do so, I am sure. If I waited until I was perfect before I would allow Him to lead me back to Him, well, it would never have happened. I am not saying that all of my study was a waste of time; however, I hope that if your perspective is out of whack like mine, that you will allow Jesus into your heart, mind, body and soul, so that you will not miss out on the most important perspective of all–that of Jesus! My cats, of course, have PURRspective, they remind me. Maryah is my Holy Ghost cat. I was holding her, as she purred, when I received Him and sang in tongues. Lately, in my worship, I perceive much light. Sometimes it is blinding, pun intended. It can’t be physical light since I have artificial eyes. So it has to be the light of the Holy Ghost. Evidently I am “seeing” spiritual Light–the light of Jesus! Wow! I’ve felt His Presence for some time, but the Light is relatively new for me. There were probably reasons for me to have all of those other filters during my lifetime, but the Presence, Light and Love of Jesus is real! He is alive in and around me–a doubter and one so busy learning this and that belief system. I am so blessed! You can be, too! Believe me, I am not anyone all that special and I was not even trying to be closer to Him, but He valued me anyway and is still working on bringing me around. … In Jesus’ name!

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