FALSE HUMILITY i know that some people like to use the term “wretch” to describe themselves, comfortably singing “that saved a wretch like me …” in the song “amazing grace.” I have never liked that term and I prefer to sing “‘that saved a soul like me.” When one has been regarded as “less than” as much as I have, dumping the terrible load of “wretch” over my head causes me to feel overwhelmed. I realize that I am a sinner, in some respects, however, i am also a valuable, creative, intelligent creation of God. God does not make mistakes; humans do. jesus does not seem to regard my faults as reasons for rejecting me or having lower expectations of me because I cannot physically see. he is much more likely to build me up than put me down. By the same token, I do not believe we are unworthy of His love and support. There may be some people who are, that i do not kknow for sure. But I do not feel that I am unworthy or undeserving of his help. if I really believed that, I probably would not have responded favorably to his help last year when i was in such need of it. I think it is important especially for someone whose level of self-esteem isn’t at the highest floor at which the elevator goes. Some Christians can inflict downright psychological abuse on themselves and others, their own families, in particular; the ones they claim so to love. I believe that Jesus wants us to be humble, in a positive way. I think that when we belittle ourselves or others, we are belittling Jesus himself. I did not follow Jesus’ lead last year because I was so unworthy and such a wretch; i followed Him because it was a compliment from Him; that I, indeed, was valuable enough to Him that He rescued me. Because I am worth salvation to him, I am truly blessed, and you can be, too. No matter what your situation is, or your opinion of yourself is, Jesus is waiting for you to ask Him into your life. he is not going to force Himself on anyone, but give us nudges to follow him.

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