Expectant No, not that kind; I’m way too old for that. I am expectant for Jesus to answer my asking. He listens to our wants and needs and will provide what is best for us. Perhaps not by our will, but by His will, He will answer. Though I have been ill for a while,I have expected healing. Instant healing was my will. I do not understand why I have had bronchitis three times since the beginning of this year, but God knows, and evidently it fits in with His will for me. I know He wants me to put Him first. I am wondering if I have had the drama of the illness to work on putting Him first instead of the illness. A couple weeks ago I had a hearing test. One aspect of the test included putting white noise behind the tones to determine my level of hearing in the affected ear. I was to concentrate on the tones no matter what noise I heard in the background. It was this procedure that brought to mind my wondering if Jesus is doing the same thing; getting me to focus on Him even in hard times. I am expectant for healing! Today I am feeling better; healing, indeed, has been occurring in the background for me. When a woman is expectant with child, she does not know at first which gender her baby will be. She knows nothing about his/her personality or how the family’s life wil proceed with the new family member. However, she is expectant, nonetheless, and eager for the new arrival. When we ask, whatever our needs or wants, we can eagerly expect the right outcome in His plan for us and for others. For the last five weeks or so, I have had a tongue ulcer which is quite painful when I talk, eat or drink. I have prayed every day for healing. The nagging thought of malignancy is there, given that a friend of mine died from a brain tumor which began as a nonhealing sore on the right side of her tongue. I pray not only for healing but also for not letting myself jump to the worst conclusion at this time. In trying hydrogen peroxide, I immediately felt searing pain on the right side of my tongue, plus a mouthful of bubbles. I found this encouraging because it suggested an infection, which was simple to remedy. I am hopeful for a better outcome and I expect it. I am EXPECTANT!

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