DOUBTING THOMAS Just the other day I was emailing someone from one of the Yahoo groups I’m on. She had noticed my signature and asked about my new relationship to Jesus. She said she was reluctant to even try to have a better relationship with Him because she was doubtful. In the back of her mind she would think “what if this Jesus story is as much a myth as Greek or Roman mythology?” I do remember reading the very interesting books, Homer’s Odyssey, the Aeneid, Prometheus Bound, the Illiad, and the like. I admitted to her that I had, at times, felt somewhat doubtful, too, but I did not consider that a reason to put off getting to know Jesus. He knows if we are doubtful or not, and He can work around that. I told her that in my own case, my baptism and getting the Holy Ghost were real and my feeling His Presence in and around me is real. The “hunches” I get, in the form of communication from Him are real. When I doubt that He would really care that much about me I remind myself how He *rescued* me, he wanted me so badly! And I must have wanted to be with Him badly, too, more so than I realized, or I might have put up a fight. I actually went willingly where He led me, from one church to my current one. Once in a while I think “oh, that never really happened. It is just wishful thinking.” This is simply not true. It really did happen and no amount of doubting will change that. Jesus is with me in a way never before. He has touched my mind, heart and soul and I love Him and want to get to know Him even more. And I really enjoy worshiping Him now. If I waited to be totally doubt-free to have Him in my life, I’d have missed out on my salvation. We need to let go of whatever reasons/excuses we have for keeping Jesus at bay and let Him in! The doubting Thomases and Thomasinas of the world (I had to get that catly name in there), need Jesus and they need Him now! Waiting could be CATastrophic. Saying yes to Him now could be the cat’s meow! In Jesus’ name!

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