I spent the last two days at a ladies’ conference. There was much good information shared there, and much inspiration. However, one of the speakers stated “God never pushes you beyond your comfort zone.” I beg to differ. I believe there are many, many people whose strength and endurance are never tested to any great degree; however, some of us are pushed to utter limits by Jesus, because He wants us to do the most and the best we can do while we are here on earth. Some people feel tested, victimized, and singled out to be severely punished for no good reason. Some people do not understand, (I’m sure I’m one of them) that most difficulties make us stronger; if not physically, mentally and spiritually. God isn’t being mean, rude or uncaring when difficulties arise in our lives. And, most importantly, He does not abandon us when we are in the throes of difficulty. In his book “the road less traveled”, M. Scott Peck, quite a number of years ago now, said “Life is difficult.” For most of us, this is absolutely a fact. There are spiritual leaders out there who entice people to come to Jesus stating that when they do, everything will be all right.

No more sickness.

No more pain.

No more hurt

and no weight gain.

(I had to haha.)

I think that if we really want Him to never push us beyond our comfort zones He might oblige. It is possible. But not at all probable.

The honeymoon was over quickly after my baptism. I was in the ER the very next day! Though later surgery was successful and saved my life, *still* I met with difficulties:gaining too much; losing both of my parents, mother-in-law and a classmate in a short time; having my rent increased twice in a short time; various bouts of illness; missing work unpaid; you name it.

The difference is that I am no longer alone. Whatever happens, Jesus is right with me in it. There is less separation anxiety. There is less feeling of abandonment. If I need someone to talk to, He is always listening. If I need His help, He is always there to assist.

I had an intestinal issue at the very end of our Ladies’ conference. I didn’t want to miss the end of the very last speaker’s presentation so I endured the waves of pain and the feeling that I was going to not make it to the bathroom. I didn’t want to interrupt my friends I was sitting with. I asked Jesus to help me and asked why I had to go through this pain. He encouraged me to reach out for help but I was reluctant; so I continued to suffer. Finally, she was at the end of her teaching and I reached out to my friend, letting her know I was in trouble. I almost didn’t make it to the bathroom but I didn’t soil my clothes. I did, however, need help afterwards. A nurse was summoned to help me stand and clean up. I felt really embarrassed. I realized it was my doing because I could have asked for help sooner; He had encouraged me to do just that. This was not a case of Jesus pushing me beyond my comfort zone; it was I who did that. We often blame God for our difficulties when it is often our own doing or undoing that gets in the way. Blaming rarely solves anything. Going to the edge of our comfort zone often can solve something. Jesus is always here–and there–to help. In Jesus’ name.

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