Careful Once we begin to ask Jesus for what we think we want or need, we do well to realize that because He gives us what we need, that which we ask for might be gotten at some difficulty. I think of a friend of mine. I prayed for her, for patience. I thought that was a reasonable and helpful thing to do. However, she began to have many life difficulties:car issues, disagreements with her son and others, illness, unpaid bills with collectors calling her several times a day, every day, and so on. She realized that these annoyances were occurring to help her become more patient. She even asked me if I had been praying for patience for her. Did I really want to answer that one? Some of us who are permanently disabled (unless He decides otherwise) quite often develop patience around issues that drive others bonkers. The difficulties in our lives have made us better, stronger people for Jesus to work with and through. I was tested many times during my second marriage because of my husband’s nearly constant medical issues and bouts in the hospital. We never knew when this would happen. So we were on guard at almost all times. However, after his passing, I noticed other people blowing away about the smallest things. My view had changed. So many things I saw now as not being life or death. I am sure Jesus sees more things as not life and death than we do. When I was younger I would occasionally wonder why I have so many issues of difficulty. I’d even feel totally overwhelmed by life circumstances. I would lash out, blaming those in charge of me, God, anyone to keep from realizing my part in what was going on. I did not really understand the concept of consequences. When I was raising my daughter, (my human one), I taught her that there were consequences for her behavior. Because she did not want bad consequences, in her estimation, she was quite well-behaved. God gives us consequences for our behavior too. At times, when we wonder why we are experiencing some difficulty, it might help to consider that we are living through the consequences of our thinking and/or behavior. It seems to me that if we ask, in Jesus’ name, and praise Him, thanking Him for all He has done for us, we are more likely to be more careful in our thinking, not asking for more than we are ready to experience. At the same time, it is said that God doesn’t give us more than we can handle. I tend to believe, however, that I did have more than I could handle as a child, which put me in a trajectory of vulnerability which is still with me today. I could choose to hold a long-lasting pity party over that or choose to realize that I am living the consequences of choices I’ve made, based on my thinking and behavior at a given time. I realize now, as an older person, that God did see me through. It was me who was conditioned not to see myself through. It took many years for me to get to this point, with Jesus guiding me all of this time without my being all that aware of His Presence in my life. So when we ask something of God, be ready to be ready! Be careful what you ask for–you might just get it!

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