But wait, there’s more! I had become uncomfortable at my then current church and in January had stopped attending altogether. I did not know why this was happening because I liked the New Age church. One day, I was trying to figure out how to hold a harmonica properly. I am a blind person who was taking harmonica lessons over Skype. I am a member of the National Federation of the Blind, and I joined our music list to ask.A young man referred me to Lance Appleton who plays harmonica. His music is Christian, which I decided was okay. I never did follow through on how to hold the harmonica, however, Joshua continued to communicate with me by email. At one point he asked me if I was a Christian. I said I was, without thinking twice. I’d been a luke-warm Christian but had gone further and further away. When he asked if my church was Bible-based, my stomach lurched. I had thought it was. They quote the Bible from time to time. But everything there was thought-related. The Bible was a good story containing many thought concepts. They regarded Jesus as a “way-shower” and great teacher. They did not believe in the actual crucifixion or resurrection of Jesus; they were states of thought. I told Joshua this and he informed me that he could point me to a church where they had music I would like, good preaching and a better relationship to Jesus. He sent me to the main website. I checked the locator, and sure enough, there was an apostolic pentecostal church in my area. He aske me if I would attend, and I quickly said I would. And I did. To me, it is miraculous that I followed Jesus’ lead without any rebellion. This still amazes me! I visited the church but thought I probably would not be baptized or receive the Holy Ghost, but Jesus had other plans. Five weeks after I had been at this church, I sent a long email to Jesus, repenting all of the sins I could think of, realizing that He knew every one. Then I was sitting one evening holding Maryah (Mariah with a Y), my eldest kitty and she was purring. Suddenly I burst out singing a song I had never heard, in a language I knew not. I realized it was the Holy Ghost! I was in Jesus and Jesus was in me! The next week, I was baptized, by immersion, in Jesus’ name!

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