BASHING Okay, I’m joining the rest of the world, responding to last Friday’s Supreme Court decision. I know the verses in the bible about the woman who committed adultery and some of Jesus’ other words show that bashing is not the Christian answer. In my own case, it never occurred to me when I was younger to avoid or condemn people with an lgbt (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender/homosexual) lifestyle. I figured what went on behind closed doors was none of my business. I was not aware of what the Bible said about it. When I became informed of the fact that God considers homosexual behavior an abomination, yet I did not want to condemn the people I knew. Some of the lgbt people I’ve known have had damaged self esteem due to being condemned and excluded by heterosexual people. Certainly I have known, firsthand, that how some heterosexuals behave is no better than lgbt behavior (my first husband, in point). I have had compassion for the sadness, depression, and other expressions stemming from rejection in some I have known who are lgbt. I can relate because I have at times received similar rejection due to the thinking of some people about my physical blindness and my plus-sizedness. I know firsthand what it feels like to be judged negatively. I do not want to turn around and do that to someone else. I steered clear of Christians for quite a number of years due to so many of them bashing of various kinds. Now that I am “one of those” I am more than reluctant to bash. I do not believe that bashing is a necessary behavior of a Christian. Jesus did not say “love your neighbor as yourself except for blind people, or, except for lgbt people,” etc. He said “love your neighbor as yourself.” “love one another.” He meant everyone. Part of me wants to paraphrase the verse “judge not lest you be judged” as “bash not lest you be bashed.” Bashing, after all, is a form of judging. We can understand God’s position on homosexuality without bashing those who practice it. After all, there is something you and I have done, are doing, or will do, that was/is/will be just as abominable to God as homosexuality. There are ten commandments. God doesn’t say that one commandment is more important than another. As far as I know, they are all equal. “thou shalt not …” any of them is important and we have all committed something against at least one of those commandments in some way, so we cannot get off as superior to others, including the fact that we who are heterosexual are not superior to those who are not. I don’t want to bash those who I have known who are lgbt, therefore I will not. There are other things I respect about them such as their intelligence, their talent, their commitment to their partner or their children, their creativity, etc. I will focus on those characteristics in them as I’d hope people would focus on in me. In Jesus’ name

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