(written 10/16/2017)
Matthew 6:25
New Living Translation
“That is why I tell you not to worry about everyday life–whether you have enough food and drink, or enough clothes to wear. Isn’t life more than food, and your body more than clothing?
My family was what some would consider poor, though we always had food. I am not all that aware of the sacrifices my parents may have made so that we could have food on our table. This past June, I had very little food. I was taught not to beg, not to ask for too much. The idea of visiting a food shelter would have embarrassed me so badly that I simply would not have done it. That was for other people. I may have felt somewhat too proud to go to such a place. Yet when I asked Jesus for food, He had me Google several food banks and I chose one. They gave me food plus some snacks. I was so grateful to receive them. In September, after moving to where I am now, I found myself once again very low on food. I had canned soup and chips. I went to a food bank hoping for fruits and veggies. Imagine my surprise when Jesus made it possible for me to receive five bags of food! I had the fruits and veggies all right, plus salmon, spaghetti, grated cheese, and so much more. They even gave me some kitty food! To top it all off, I was presented with a bouquet of flowers–thank You, Jesus! I am anaticipating a return to this food bank this week if I can find transportation. Today, I have $2-some to my name, to last for the rest of the month, so transportation could be an issue. This is, of course, another opportunity for me to ask Jesus for help. I think that at times we are given obstacles such as a food shortage in order for us to squirm a little, realizing that of ourselves, we cannot do a whole lot; however, with Jesus’ help, we can. Jesus does not look down on me for getting the food I need. Whether it comes from a grocery store (which is way overpriced) or a food bank are equally okay to Him, I believe. Because I tend to fall through the cracks on getting help in the community, how relieved was I when I walked into this food bank, sat down for an interview, and the woman said “we’ll make this work!” I wish there were more people who think as she did. I believe Jesus thinks more this way “I’ll make things work,” He says, maybe not in the way we think, but “work” nevertheless. In Jesus’ name!

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