ALL ABOUT JESUS It seems to me that there are times when we have a strong opinion about a matter pertaining to Jesus when someone has the idea that we think an issue is all about us when it is truly all about Jesus. I started making up songs when I was six years old. I may have mentioned previously that my first song was, of course, about cats:”mew, mew, my little kitten.” I’ve composed some secular and some sacred songs throughout the years. Most of them were shared at specific events for which they were written. The other day a song came to me. I asked if I could share it at church. I was informed that yes, I could present my song, with the understanding that there was a high likelihood that the song would not make it past the music committee’s decision-makers. I had felt some trepidation even mentioning the song and now, I felt even more. I felt sad. It seemed to me that the Holy Ghost had given me the song, meant to be shared. Now that process seemed to me to be being thwarted. To top it all off, it was made to sound as if it was all about me. Really? Of course it is partly about me, since the song came through me and could be shared through me. But, I am aware that it was a gift from Jesus, meant to glorify Him. I really am quite aware of this point. Being one not to be thwarted, or have the Holy Ghost thwarted, I will be working on some other way to share the song. It would seem sad to me if it were to just die of an early death for lack of sharing. And the congregation might miss out on enjoying the song. It is entitled “Jesus is the reason.” The tune was originally “Toby baby kitty”; however, Jesus-related lyrics came to me the other day that fit the tune PURRfectly. I think that part of the creative process is the desire to share the outcome with others, so they can benefit from it too. I think that the more of us glorifying God through sharing His gift is what He wants us to do. It’s like a book query. Someone may reject it; someone else might reject it; another might reject it; on and on. But just when we’ve had it with rejections, someone might accept it. That is what the creative person hopes for, and often plugs away for. So I’m not done yet. When something has been birthed from us, we want to share it, and it is not necessarily all about us. It is all about Jesus! “Jesus is the reason.” In Jesus’ name.

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